Petrol-diesel will be available at home, Indian Oil launched fuel at door service

Soon you will be able to apply gasoline at your home. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), the country’s largest petroleum company, has started this as a pilot project. Delivery of gasoline has started from Chennai’s Kollathur based pump. Under this facility launched by Fuel at Door Step, petrol will be made available to non-commercial customers only. It will soon be expanded and implemented in the entire country at the commercial level.Fuel can be processed up to 2500 liters: with the help of this facility, at least 200 liter petrol can be processed. However, the maximum limit per capita is 2500 liters at a time.

Under this facility customers will get petrol at market price only. However, for charging 500 liters or less, a charge of 1 rupee per liter will be levied. However, for ordering 500 to 1000 liters of fuel, 50 paisa per liter charge will be charged. No charge will be charged to customers for taking petrol more than 1000 liters.Order can be booked with the help of a repo app: The Indian Oil carrying fuel has a mobile dispenser in this vehicle. However, in order to use this facility, customers will have to obtain a license for fuel storage from Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization (PESO). Earlier, in March 2018, the company had also introduced diesel AT home delivery in Pune. The Repos app can be used for home delivery of the fuel. However, petrol may just have to wait for something.

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