Now the driver will not loss life in road accident, this new technique will avoid the accident

Audi A8 is one of the popular cars launched this year. Reports say that there has been tremendous work on safety features in this car. According to the reports, the frontal auto braking system will be given in this car. With the help of this feature, the fear of a collision that arises in front of a vehicle is almost over. Apart from this, if the car is still collapsed, then its impact on the Audi A8 will be very low.

In fact, an active suspension system has been provided in the Audi A8, which will slip the car up 3.5 inches by adjusting the situation before the collision. This will cause another car to collide with the hard part of Audi A8 at the time of the accident.

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The Audi A8 will be equipped with a special feature which will scan the road with its cameras. Due to the condition of the road, the suspension of the car will be automatic adjusted. Rider sitting in the car will experience a comfortable journey. On the other hand, on the other hand, the length of the car will be increased during the accident.

In case of defense, the Mercedes-Benz CLS Four-Door Coupe is also not to be left behind. This car has a Pre-Safe Impulse Side System, which will save substantial damage from the side collision injuries. It also has a pre-safe sound function, which will prevent the sound of the accident from coming inside the cabin. This voice will reach the ears of the passenger very less, which will not damage the curtain of the ear and will not panic.

The performance of high-end cars and crossover trains is being improved. Jaguar I-Pace Electrified Crossover’s latest Artificial Intelligence technology will remember what the driver’s choice is. Accordingly, the client’s climate control settings will be automatically set. Apart from this, the driver’s favourite radio station will also be automatic set with seat position from this technique.

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