negative impacts of pubg

Is there pubg game in your child’s phone? the person who plays is harming himself, A fitness trainer also lost the mental balance. Expert reported the reason behind it.

Every year in the country there are some such games that are the reason for people’s death. They include games like Pokemon, Blue Whale, Momo. These were all mobile games, which many people who play have lost their lives. Now the name of PUBG has also been included in this list. A fitness trainer in Jammu and Kashmir played for 10 consecutive days. Because of this, he lost his mental balance. did you know? Pubg is the world’s fifth best-selling game.

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This is how pubg is being played.

PUBG is a online game, it can be played on both mobile and desktop. To install this game on the phone it is necessary to have 2GB of space. Within the game, 100 players are landed with the help of a parachute on one island. Here they have to kill the enemies by finding guns. The one who survives the last stage of the game becomes a winner. It can also be played by grouping 4 people. All those who survive the last stage become winner.

The player playing the game gets addicted to it. Because of which she wants to play it nonstop. That is why the game has a direct effect on the mind. More than 120 such cases were reported in the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS), in which the PUBG Games were seen to have the opposite effect on children’s mental health.

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