have you changed your mobile number now a days ? Because anyone can read your Whatsapp chat

AB Füller, who works in Amazon, tweeted that when he created an account on Whatsapp with his new number, the chat of another person was restored on his Whatsapp. According to AB, the person whose chat history is open on their Whatsapp is his one who had his first number. Following AB’s claim, Indian tech website Piunikaweb identified this bug.

Actually, when a number closes, the same number is given to another person. After that, if a person logs in Whatsapp with that number, then that person may have an old chat that used that number first.

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Abby was reading someone else’s chat, now she is afraid of this

  • AB Fuhler tweeted that when he entered a new SIM in his new phone and logged on the Whatsapp app, he could read the chat history of the person who had this mobile number first. According to AB, chat history was in plain text.

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