DTH and cable users pay attention to these 8 things before taking a new plan, TV bill will be reduced

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced new rules regarding DTH services under which customers will have to pay Keanlaw to the channels they want to see. This will reduce the TV bill of customers every month. For this, the customers have been given time till January 31, 2019. By this time, they can choose their favorite channels.

Under the new rules, any DTH providers such as Airtel DTH TV, Tata Sky or Dish TV 100 cannot charge more than Rs 130 (without GST) for non-HD channels. At the same time, if the user chooses a paid channel then they will have to pay the amount of his MRP. According to the new order of TRAI, Sony, Zee, Star, Discovery, Sun, Turner and Viacom have given information about TV channels that fall under Free-to-Air and those who have to pay.

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Before subscribing to new plans, know these 10 essential things:

1. Apart from these plans, all major broadcasters have also introduced a few other plans. By the way, the companies have given the MRP of each channel but you can also get an offer through the broadcaster on these MRPs. At the same time, their base packs are less than 130 rupees.

2. Airtel DTH TV website has a base pack of Rs 99, in which SD channels are provided. At the same time, the base pack of Tata Sky also starts at Rs 99. Both have given the SD channels. Under the new rules of TRAI, customers can add any of these SD channels to the base pack. If customers add a paid channel, then they have to pay a separate charge.

3. According to the new rules, if customers want to watch any channel other than these 100 channels then they will have to pay 20 rupees for the other 25 channels. According to TRAI, very few people or 10 to 15 percent of the people are looking at more than 100 channels. According to a survey conducted by BARC, 80 percent of people do not see more than 40 channels.

4. TRAI says that if the subscriber selects every channel carefully, then they will have to pay very little as per current time.

5. According to the report given by TRAI, there are more than 40 broadcaster’s 330 channels of HD and SD channels. At the same time, the number of private FTA channels is more than 535.6. About 17 out of 40 broadcasters have made some channels bundled and made available with a discount. For example: 9 channels cost 63 rupees. But if they are taken together then they can be taken in just Rs 31.

6. Consumers can buy a set top box from the market leaving the service provider. However, you also need to see if this set top box is compatible with your TV or not.

7. TRAI has ordered that no further interruption of service will be given to customers by January 31. But after this they will be migrated to the Basic Plan, which will not have any paid channels.

8. Every cable operator or DTH company has been ordered to run an information channel at 999 channel number so that customers can know the price of each channel.

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