Apple market share in India decreased to half in one year, Low demand of expensive iPhone.

While India is a fast-growing smartphone market, on the other hand, Apple’s iPhone sales are declining here every year. Last week, Counterpoint had claimed in its report that iPhone sales were 20% lower than 2017 in 2018. Being expensive is considered to be an expensive iPhone.

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30 million phones will be sold in 2019, only oneplus will remain in premium segment

  • In December, TechRock Technologies Research firm TechArch has estimated its 30.20 million mobile phone sales in India in 2019. According to Takeac, the highest number of 14.9 million smartphones, 9.8 million feature phones and 5.5 million smart feature phones will be sold.
  • It was also stated in this report that in 2019, the largest number of mobile phones in India will be sold by Chinese companies. According to the report, phones of Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google, Nokia, Asus and Reali will be sold more this year, while Apple’s iPhone sales are expected to fall.
  • According to the report, Xiaomi’s Indian smartphone market will be dominated in 2019 while the premium segment is expected to be ahead of oneplus. However, Google can compete with Samsung in the Android smartphone market by reducing the price of its phones.

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